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Driving Course Packages and The Graduated Licensing System:

Road Safety Education Program for a New Generation of Drivers (For those obtaining a Québec Learners Permit AFTER January 17, 2010):

The SAAQ, in collaboration with the Québec driving school industry, has designed all-new course content and instruction methods based on work and experiments conducted in Europe. The number of hours of theoretical and practical training has increased and the training process is spread out over a longer period. All of these changes should have a positive impact on the road safety record of young drivers, as well as new drivers age 25 or older, who are also at greater risk of an accident during their first years as drivers.

Under the new system of mandatory driving lessons and graduated licensing, you are required to complete 24 hours of classroom theory and 15 hours in-car. It will take a minimum of 13 months to obtain your Québec Class 5 driver’s licence. This will enable you to practice driving in various weather and road conditions throughout the year.

Here's how the new Graduated Licensing System works:

You will be required to take 10 hours of classroom theory. At the tenth hour, you will have an exam with the driving school. Once you pass this exam, you will recieve a certificate to take to the SAAQ to obtain your learners permit. Over the next 10 months, you will be required to complete 14 more hours of theory and 12 hours in-car. After 10 months, you are then able to make an appointment at the SAAQ to do a written test. Once you pass the written test, you must wait an additional two months before you can book your road test. During those two months, you will have another 3 hours in-car. This makes a total of 24 hours of classroom theory and 15 hours in-car.

There are 4 phases to the Road Safety Education Program:

Phase 1: Prerequisite for a learner’s licence. Five theory classes (2 hours each. Topics covered include vehicle features and systems, the rules of the Highway Safety Code, road signs and traffic signals, the profile of a safe, responsible and cooperative driver, the rules of proactive and courteous driving, and at-risk behaviours. A test is given in the 5th class (the test is provided by the SAAQ but given by the driving school). Upon successfully passing the this theory test, you will receive a certificate to take to the SAAQ to obtain your Québec Learner’s Licence. (Students may take the second SAAQ knowledge test 10 months after receiving a learner’s licence).

Phase 2: Guided Driving. Continue theoretical instruction and begin on-road training. Four hours of in-car driving lessons and four hours of related classroom theory. Theory topics include accompanied driving, the OEA (Observe, Evaluate, Act) strategy to improve learner drivers’ skills in hazard detection and anticipation of risks. In-Car Sessions deal with basic vehicle manoeuvres and adopting safe, cooperative and responsible behaviour in simple driving situations.You may also practice driving with an accompanying rider who has possessed a full Québec Driver’s License for at least two years or more.

Phase 3: Semi-Guided Driving. Six hours of in-car driving lessons and six hours of related classroom theory. Emphasis on making the student a more independent driver. Theory topics include effects of speed (one of the major causes of offences and accidents among young drivers), sharing the road, particularly with vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, moped and scooter operators, motorcycle riders, etc.) and heavy vehicles. Also, alcohol and drugs, another major cause of offences and accidents among young people. In-Car Sessions deal with more complex manoeuvres and adopting safe, cooperative and responsible behaviour in a variety of driving environments.

Phase 4: Semi-Guided to Independent Driving: Four hours of in-car driving lessons, one hour of observation and four hours of related classroom theory. rounds out instruction regarding risk factors, covering fatigue and distractions at the wheel. Theory classes covers fatigue, distraction and eco-driving, particularly fuel-efficient manoeuvres. In-Car Sessions go into greater depth regarding vehicle manoeuvres and the adoption of safe, cooperative and responsible behaviours in a variety of driving environments. The last session is a summary of the on-road instruction aimed at preparing the learner for the SAAQ road test (which can be taken 12 months after obtaining the Class 5 learner’s licence, passing the knowledge test at the SAAQ and receiving an attestation of successful completion of the driving course), you can take the SAAQ Class 5 road test. You will then obtain your Class 5 Québec Probationary Driver’s License.

For more details, please visit the SAAQ web page on the new Mandatory Driving Course.

For pricing information, please call us at 514-453-5437 (Île-Perrot).

12 Hour Practical (for those who obtained a Québec Learners Permit BEFORE January 17, 2010):

  • For beginners or for those with some experience
  • Driving on small and large streets
  • Driving in light traffic
  • Making lane changes in heavier traffic
  • Defensive Driving
  • Highway driving
  • Reverse parking, forwards parking and parallel parking
  • Road test preparation for the SAAQ Driving Exam

For pricing information, please call us at 514-453-5437 (Île-Perrot).

Refresher Lessons:

  • Maybe you just need a few hours of “refresher” courses to practice parking, lane changes, getting ready for your road test or anything else you may need to practice. We also offer driving lessons for seniors who need to prepare for the SAAQ Exam after age 80. Driving lessons are also available to new residents from overseas who already possess a valid driving license from another country but who must learn the Québec driving laws and pass an SAAQ Road Test.

    • 1, 2, 4 or 12 hours
    • Custom tailored to your needs

    For pricing information, please call us at 514-453-5437 (Île-Perrot).

For pricing information, please call us at 514-453-5437 (Île-Perrot).

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